Taking Social Giving, Paying-It-Forward, and Relationship Marketing to a Whole New Level!

The ClickPointz™ Network Includes a Variety of Features to Engage, Challenge and Reward Members While Participating in a Unique Social Giving and Pay-It-Forward Experience.

Social Networking

Connect, chat, follow and share around a common interest of social giving.

Points & Rewards

Members earn valuable digital Points, Badges and Rank when they interact in the community.


Join our Network of Ambassadors and promote ClickPointz™ in your community.


The ClickPointz™ Marketplace is where digital products and services are bought and sold.

Freelance Professionals

Join our Network of Freelance professionals and promote your services in the community.

eLearning Center

The eLearning Center includes a variety of micro-courses you can take using your mobile device.


Digital points can be converted to cash and donated to a school or non-profit organization.


Digital points earned can be transferred (Pay-It-Forward) to other members in the network.

Point, Click, Connect!

ClickPointz™ Combines Social Networking, eCommerce, Digital Currency, QR Codes, And Gamification Technology to Engage, Challenge and Reward Members While Participating in an Innovative Social Giving and Pay-It-Forward Initiative.