Taking Social Giving and Paying-It-Forward to a Whole New Level!

The ClickPointz™ Network Includes a Variety of Features to Engage, Challenge and Reward Members While Participating in a Unique Social Giving and Pay-It-Forward Experience.

Social Networking

Connect, chat, follow and share around a common interest of social giving.

Points & Rewards

Members earn valuable digital Points, Badges and Rank when they interact in the community.


Join our Network of Ambassadors and promote ClickPointz™ in your community.


The ClickPointz™ Marketplace is where digital products and services are bought and sold.


Join our Network of Freelance professionals and promote your services in the community.

eLearning Center

The eLearning Center includes a variety of micro-courses you can take using your mobile device.


Digital points can be converted to cash and donated to a school or non-profit organization.


Digital points earned can be transferred (Pay-It-Forward) to other members in the network.

Point, Click, Connect!

ClickPointz™ Combines Social Networking, eCommerce, Digital Currency, QR Codes, And Gamification Technology to Engage, Challenge and Reward Members While Participating in an Innovative Social Giving and Pay-It-Forward Initiative.