Point | Click | Connect

Social Networking

Connect, chat, follow, and share around a common interest of social giving and paying-it-forward!


Connect with others in an innovative Pay-It-Forward experience!

Digital Currency

Convert your online engagenents into digital currency.

QR Code Transactions

QR codes with contactless transactions bridges the offline with the online!


Shop the Marketplace where products and services are bought and sold!

Social Giving

Help raise fund for your school or favorite non-profit organization!

Jump Start Points

Join today and recieve your Jump Start points!

Directory Listing

List your business in the network directory!

Online Fundraiser

ClickPointz™ engages members  in a Pay-it-Forward and Social Giving initiative to support non-profit organizations.

Digital Points

Engage online and earn valuable digital points, badges, and rank.

Non-profit Linkup

Search the network and link up with a non-profit organization you want to support.

Shop Online

Shop Marketplace for a variety of digital products and services posted by members.

Social Share

Connect, share, and promote the app through your social networks.


Transfer digital points earned to your favorite non-profit organization.


Donate a percentage of earnings to your favorite non-profit organization.

Point, Click, Connect!


Taking Social Giving, Paying-It-Forward, and Relationship Marketing to a Whole New Level!